e-Panel Asia Assure 100% Quality and Unique Panelists

Double Opt-In ~ IP Security ~ Digital Fingerprinting ~ Personal Data Verification

  • Double Opt-in

    All our panellists are required to complete the double opt-in process.(right after filling the online registration form the panellists get confirmation e-mail with the link to activate their account.

  • IP Duplication Security

    We prevent multiple connections from the same IP Address within a specific timeframe to helps us prevent duplication and fraud.

  • Digital Fingerprinting

    To help us detects PC-specific identifying characteristics to determine if a participant is unique and prevents respondents from taking the same survey multiple times.

  • Personal Data Verification

    We use the specific way to pay the incentives that allows verifying basic profiling information. In addition, we perform selective verification of members' information by phone.

Project Report

Online Studies conducted across 13 countries in Asia using our Proprietary Panel.

2016 : 14 Healthcare studies I 9 IT studies I 19 Consumers studies I 8 B2B studies I 4 Kids & Parents studies

2017 : 18 Healthcare studies I 16 IT studies I 27 Consumers studies I 11 B2B studies I 9 Kids & Parents studies